The long protocol

So how does it work? There are various regimes and medications out there. I personally investigated quite a bit before we saw the doctors in our clinic. But I didn’t have much say in the regimen I am undergoing now. One thing you learn pretty quickly is to give up a certain amount of control. Our clinic is an NHS hospital, I don’t know if that makes a difference, but it all seems quite sensible. For our first try we are going the standard IVF route of our hospital, the long protocol.

What does this mean?

It all started on day 21 of my natural cycle:

  1. 3 weeks of nightly Suprecur injections 0.5 mg (fine needle & syringe)
  2. blood test & ultrasound scan after 3 weeks
  3. approx. 12 days of Gonal F injections (225mg) & Suprecur injections (0.3mg) with regular scans every 2-3 days to watch follicle growth
  4. Trigger shot to mature the eggs and trigger ovulation> Saturday 09/02/13
  5. 36 hours later: egg retrieval, semen sample > Monday 11/02/13
  6. Eggs are fertilised with ICSI
  7. Embryos are growing in the lab for 3-5 days
  8. Two embryos transferred > Thursday 14/02/13
  9. 3 of the remaining 8 embryos grew to blastocyst stage on day 6 and went into the freezer
  10. 14 days later: first blood test checking hCG levels
  11. 6 weeks later: first scan to confirm heartbeat

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