In labour

It’s been over 24 hours ago since my first contractions started on the 8th of November. I just woke up after 3 hours of sleep. There is no going back to bed now, but I’ll try to get this show on the road again. Yesterday the contractions changed patterns quite a few times. We had phases of 50 seconds, 5 min apart, for a while even a shorter phase of 3-4 min gaps but then it went back up to about 6 – 9 min. We decided to go to bed at some point to gain some new strength. For now, the husband is sleeping, I’ll be bouncing on my birth ball to get some movement again. I’ve spoken to the birth centre twice yesterday and their rule is to come in when contractions are about 3 min apart and 50 sec-1 min long.

So far, the only pain relief I’ve had is: Paracetamol, a TENS machine (great tool!), breathing, yoga and a long bath. Contractions can be quite a pain, so far they’ve been just about bearable, the good thing is, they only last for 1 minute!


Oh and here a funky bump shot we did on Monday at 40 weeks.


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