Shake the bum(p)

So, we’re are still in the game. Baby has dropped lower in the last few days resulting in excruciating pelvic pain on Thursday. I adjusted to it now I think. I feel like time is running out and I have my bets on next week but who knows when that little person decides to meet us.

Our beautiful bed nest for the baby has arrived, we sorted some last minute DIY and we are ready – as much as one can be. I’ll try to take some photos of the bump and the nursery today. My sleep is quite erratic now. I’ve been up since 4am. Hopefully I’ll get some more sleep now.

I find it fascinating how my body is dealing with the pregnancy and how it kind of tells me what it wants. It alternates between minimal movement and boosts of energy. I’m being lazy – I am now on Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy and will finish all the seasons next week I am sure, but I also have done extensive walks and even some Salsa dancing in the living room yesterday! My goal is to dance and yoga wiggle that baby out 😉

On a side note : stretch marks sucks. I am not looking forward to seeing my belly without the filling. Scary thought.


One thought on “Shake the bum(p)

  1. Yeah adjusting to the after belly is tough. Just remember, everyone has it after. I have had to google it to prove it to myself lol. It’s only a month post and I haven’t exercised (c section) and I had twins, but my belly isn’t that big now 🙂 And many women have the marks too. Mine don’t actually look bad right now, but I still have some belly to lose so we’ll see the damage in a few months I assume. GL on your big day!

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