Counting down and limping

Here some photos of last week, because I know you like them. They are a week old now and I swear I’m bigger again. I am starting to reach whale status. That pineapple was definitely smaller than the baby inside (and yummy).


Doing well. Work is kind of finished now, just some bits and bobs left. My sciatic nerve pain is back with a vengeance, everything is kind of achy at the moment. But I am hoping that less sitting, more leaving the house, swimming and yoga will help. That’s my plan for next week anyway.

Our NCT classes (birth preparation course) are almost over now. We went there every Thursday evening in September and even I have to admit – it was very useful and fun. Today is a breastfeeding class and next week we’ll have our last Thursday evening with the group.

Baby is kicking and stretching like crazy. I’ll try to entertain it with music and talking. Need to get some baby books to read, I do not have a single one!


Oh and as you can see, the nursery is yellow (at least in parts). Our Totoro stickers have also arrived and we’ll stick them on soon!


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