Munching ice cubes, work stress and nesting

Soo, it’s been a while. The last weeks were pretty stressful, we squeezed a few days of holiday in between different jobs, but that didn’t really help. Overall, I am now seeing light at the end of a tunnel. The tunnel being work. My plan is to finish off by the end of the month, but there is quite a lot to do still, so we’ll see.

It’s interesting how priorities change with and impending arrival. We’ve got about 7 weeks to go and my nesting is in full swing, my head is full of baby things and doesn’t really want to focus on work. I am also feeling the first real limitations, I can’t sit or walk as long any more, my pelvis hurts quite a bit in general. Things that fall on the floor, stay on the floor – because I am lazy. Also, I am constantly craving and munching ice cubes nowadays in order to cool down. I am totally addicted and I’m thinking of getting an ice crusher to spare my teeth.

The colitis is up and down, not really calming down just yet. And I missed my scan appointment and will have it next week now. Hopefully I can start convincing the OB that the birth centre is the right place for me, rather than going on the labour ward.

I don’t have any photos this time, need to take some new ones soon. But the belly is BIG.

To make this post a bit more fun, here the wall sticker we ordered yesterday. I love Totoro, it’s different. My mum even started knitting a Totoro for the baby, can’t wait to post a picture of that, once I’ve got it.

Totoro Inspired - Totoro Tree Wall Art Applique Sticker


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