27 weeks today

Baby as long as a cucumber?

It’s been a bit of a tough week. I’ve been more exhausted compared to the last weeks and now we both have a cold too. I went to see my gastroenterologist and it seems my medicine for the colitis is not really working anymore. I am currently in talks with all my doctors to see if a recommended change in medication is the right way forward – it’s all kind of scary. But I’m sure we’ll find a solution that is best for both the baby & me.

To keep you entertained, here some new photos of yesterday’s session. Apparently my baby is now as long as a cucumber (approx 38cm, what a silly analogy). It’s happily kicking, oblivious to her/his tired mummy. My bump is massive now, not sure where the next 3 months are supposed to go. People constantly say it’s huge, quite unfair as I can’t really do much about that. – hey ho, maybe I should fluke everyone and say it’s twins after all.My bump at 27 weeks


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