23 weeks – already 6 months pregnant

Time is going so fast. It must be because I am so busy with work. So excuse my delay in telling you how things are going. They are good.

I am growing a beautiful bump and enormous tits (for my standard anyway) and I am feeling well. We can now feel & see the baby kick from the outside too, which is so lovely to share with my husband. It’s beautiful – I can’t find a better word. The little person is getting stronger every day.

My back is okisch, the sciatic pain on the left is never quite gone. I have been doing pregnancy yoga every week, which is great, just need to be careful with some of the asymmetric exercises as those will trigger more back pain again. Every now and then the left knee and hip are playing up, especially at night. I designed our baby’s nursery the other sleepless night ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have also seen my longstanding gastroenterologist for my colitis to discuss the recent panic caused by my OB. Well we’re on one page, for now I haven’t changed meds, as the colitis is there but under control. He thinks there is no point increasing medications for preventative reasons, just in case I don’t flare at birth and I absolutely agree.

Just a little shout out to all those friends who’s given me clothes, pillows and other helpful maternity stuff – I am so glad I’ve got you all and it saves some money. You can spend so much cash on maternity & baby stuff.

That’s it from me and my kicking corncob (Maiskolben) for now ๐Ÿ™‚ – no idea where I am supposed to get one of those for a photo.


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