Back pain Update and a visit to the Obstetrician

Belly shot with mango, the baby should be as large as a mango by now. :-)

Belly shot with mango, the baby should be as large as a mango by now. 🙂

So we bought a mattress at IKEA and I like it. We’ll see if the back pain improves, but I am very hopeful and the first sleep was very good! YAY!

I went to the hospital to see an obstetrician that focuses on pregnancies in women with chronic illnesses. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but left her office slightly concerned. The colitis hasn’t really improved in the last few weeks. It actually got worse again this weekend with (TMI!!) a lot of pain & bleeding. Sunday wasn’t fun, because the pregnancy induced constipation paired with inflamed bowels seem to be quite painful and I simply don’t know if it’s worse for me than other women. But the husband and I went in to full labour mode and did everything you do towards the end of a pregnancy. Lower back massage, using the gym ball, hot water bottles, walking about, breathing for 2 hours non stop. In a way it feels like good practice, but obviously it’s weird doing that at 19 weeks. Anyway, we got through it and everything was fine again in the afternoon.

Coming back to the doctor, they want to stabilise my colitis however they can. I didn’t really understand why, until now, because I can totally manage with the symptoms. The concern is not for the baby at this point but more for me. She explained this quite well: In pregnancy, you are on kind of natural steroids non stop –  to kill of any kind of inflammation that could harm the baby. So what you’d expect with the colitis, and what actually happens for quite a few women, is for the symptoms to stabilise and for the colitis to vanish. Obviously that is not happening in my case, which can become a problem right after birth, when all those pregnancy steroids are gone. The risk of a flare is quite high after birth and even higher if I can’t even control the symptoms during the pregnancy. So they want to tackle the beast now, hoping that this will help reducing a big flare towards the end. Long story short, we might increase the Azathioprine, an immunosuppressant I’ve been taking for a few years now which is relatively safe in pregnancy.

So back we are to a place a slight worry, but hopefully the plan will work. I am looking forward to my ultrasound on Thursday though, I’m sure that’ll cheer me up. The baby has been kicking quite a bit now, especially when I am on a bus. Not sure if it likes or hates bus rides. 😉


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