Back pain

Not trying to winge, more stating facts: My back is killing me and I can’t sleep because I can’t find a comfortable position. It’s a bit (ok not just a bit) exhausting and I am currently on a mission to get the husband to go to IKEA and buy one of those foam mattresses. Let’s see how that goes. Maybe I even stop having headaches then, that would be amazing.

I am currenltly in total nesting mode, I’ve already planned the nursery furniture wise and I am currently looking at wall decor/ wallpaper stickers etc. I want a tree and some monkeys or owls, something cute 🙂  How cheesy!

I’ve felt the baby again yesterday. I can only really make it out if it’s kicking towards the front. I like it. Still a bit worried that it will kick my inflamed ulcerative colitis. It’s misbehaving again and I have pains every now and then.

Besides the pains I am good. I feel big already, not quite sure where to go from here, but I’ll accomodate somehow. I like being pregnant, I like showing off my belly but at the same time try not to be in everyones face. Not an easy task 😉


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