Time is flying – bump is growing

I am now at 17 weeks, 3 days and counting. It’s been a while since my last post due to a lot of work followed by a holiday. We visited friends & family back home. Telling the grandparents was definitely my favourite moment with a few tears.

I have been hungry quite a bit and gained a few pounds, luckily only the bump and boobs are growing 😉  – I do have to get used to my new form. I have days of feeling fat, not knowing what to wear, but it is getting easier the more defined the bump is taking shape.

I like touching my bump. We also listen to babies heartbeat every now and then, it makes me happy and I feel more confident that the little person inside is doing well. It’s also a great way for my husband to connect to our mini-me, he’s so good with that fetal heartbeat monitor – finds the heartbeat right away whereas I need a few minutes.

My last visit at the hospital was 2 weeks back. Because of the colitis and because it’s an IVF baby, they take this pregnancy very seriously. I am getting regular growth scans just to make sure the colitis doesn’t interfere with babie’s development. So after my next scan at 20 weeks, I’ll be back for scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks and see doctors and midwifes on a regular basis. It’s a good feeling and a bit of a safety net to hold on to.

My personal next milestone is feeling the baby. I am trying to listen, but it’s all quite vage. Can’t wait for those kicks to get stronger. All in all, we are doing well. I am glad this is a happy pregnancy. Occasionally we are reminded of the journey. Friends have been holding back to protect us, even hiding their pregnancy from us. It makes me feel thankful and sad at the same time. Both of us also have to get used to parents suddenly unloading everything on us in one conversation – everything from poop, to sleep deprivation, happiness and what gear to buy – it can be quite overwhelming after years of holding back.

Hungry again, need to eat NOW, bye and read you soon. 🙂



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