14 weeks – the 2nd trimester


And I am back. Apologies for not writing last week but work has taken over my life. There is not much new to report from our little, growing baby – apart from the fact that we have now entered the 2nd trimester. It’s a great feeling to have arrived here without problems on the way. The husband and I are obviously delighted and have started to carefully share the news. A lot of people at my workplace had already guessed and it got to that stage where I wanted to stop the gossip and just tell them. That was nice. Unfortunately there are other circles, where we currently are still keeping things quiet because of recent miscarriages of friends at week 10 and week 14. It’s always so sad to hear about losses and showed us again how fragile things can be without a warning.

We have definitely entered a new stage of realisation now though, making lists, planning for autumn to come and even talking baby names. YAY!

Symptom wise, I am in a quite good place. The tummy is growing slowly, I do have some dizziness here an there and unfortunately I have a cold and the colitis is not quiet either. But it could be much worse. I just hope I’m on the mend.

I do have one exciting thing to report on. The amazing Baby on board badges by TfL. London Underground have started an initiative a while ago to give those free badges to pregnant women. So far it’s been a life saver, mostly for toilet access where there aren’t any public toilets. It makes me feel a bit safer when travelling, because I know I can get a seat when I need to. Most people underestimate how important that is, especially in early pregnancy when you are either sick or dizzy. I can highly recommend to get one, should you live in London.

Anyway, that’s me. We are going on holiday for the last 2 May weekends, visiting friends and family, so it might get a bit quiet around here, but I am sure to write again in early June.

So long, good luck on your journey, whereever you are.

The Transport fo London Baby on Board button


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