12 week scan: Updated

3D scan of the little wriggler at 12 weeks 3 days. You can see that the arms were moving as the scan happened, that’s why the hands seem so big, the 3D scan takes loads of slices and puts them together.

We had our 12 week scan including the Nuchal translucency test to check for Downs syndrome and other trisomies.

All is well, we saw babies heart, stomach, kidneys, hands with fingers, the blood flow into the heart, liver and umbilical cord. Baby moves a lot, bounces, and measures perfectly at 5.9cm (12 weeks, 3 days). All markers for Downs were negative and our Harmony blood test resulted in a risk of 1/10000 at 99% accuracy as it’s looking at baby’s DNA in my blood sample.

Our baby in profile at 12 weeks 3 days

Our baby in profile at 12 weeks 3 days

A few weeks ago we decided to not only do the regular test at our local hospital but to go to a private clinic for a more thorough look at our little baby. All images are from that second, private scan and I am so glad we decided for it.

The hospital scan went by so quickly with a not too friendly doctor. I was in a lot of pain due to my colitis still being inflamed on the left side. On top of that, the pregnancy cyst is still there after all. Shrunk in size from the original 7cm to 4cm, but it makes my left side even more sensitive to pressure. I also failed to do have a full enough bladder, we had to stop the test, wait for 20 min and drink lots of water. In the end, the doc at the hospital measured everything she needed to and took a blood test. The hospital checked for the nuchal translucency, nasal bone (we think), presence of the stomach and heartbeat. Results coming back in 2 weeks.

Baby's head

Baby’s head

2 hours later we did the same spiel, this time at the private clinic (with a far too full bladder). We could hear the heartbeat again, which we never had the chance to at the normal hospital scans, and the doctor looked at so many more details. They use more markers than the hospital. Not only do the measure the nasal bone and nuchal translucency, they look at the heart at much higher detail – you can see the different chambers and valves. They also check the blood flow to liver, heart and umbilical cord  (you see the blood as blue and red) and they can even check for leakage. They look for the bladder, stomach, kidneys, liver, spine and 5 little fingers on each hand.

Baby's hand with 5 little fingers

Baby’s hand with 5 little fingers

Of course all of this is not a 100% guarantee that things are all perfect, but it’s so much more reassuring. I’d definitely recommend the test to anxious people who want to make sure their baby is well. We were on cloud no. 9 after the test, it’s so much more personal, magical and just a lovely moment to witness that little being inside.

Relief is one word that comes to mind. Happy another one. Have a lovely day and thanks for reading.


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