Scan appointments and worries


This is my new size estimate of baby Olive. A cherry tomato!

I am currently trying to figure out my scan appointments. I got an appointment today and I think they got completely confused with the dating. As I don’t have a date of my last period, I told them the date of fertilisation. All they have to do is add 2 bloody weeks and they messed it up.

I also received infos about the screenings and tests for Downs Syndrome and it’s all quite confusing. At least to me. I wish I could finally talk to a midwife and get some answers…

I think every parent faces the worry about Downs & illnesses and what to do, what to test. Ultimately it’s down to those parents and no one else to decide. During my search I came across a lovingly written birth story of a mother whose daughter turned out to have Downs at birth without any previous warning. WARNING: not for the pregnant or faint heartet but beautifully written.


3 thoughts on “Scan appointments and worries

  1. I read that story several months ago and I just adored it. I loved how honest she was, especially. Of course there is going to be fear and hurt when something like that happens, and I appreciate that she was brave enough to face it and admit it. The best we can do is be human.

  2. We refused the NT scan. The results are not perfect and I don’t want the added stress. With infertility, it’s so different. No added stress necessary for us all šŸ™‚

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