One more sleep…

… until our first ultrasound scan tomorrow. I’m terribly excited, absolutely torn between 1 or 2 embryos and a little bit scared until I see that little heartbeat. I probably end up in tears either way (note to self: bring kleenex) I am 8 weeks today. My baby is the size of a raspberry.

The weekend has been a bit different. I spent most of Saturday in constipation pain, it felt like a little taster of what there is to come in 7 months time. I am not used to this. My colitis has trained me in 12 years at the other end of the spectrum and now this?

I literally tried anything from plums soaked in warm water (eek), yoghurt, linseed, orange juice, diet coke, black tea, you name it. That was not so much fun and the reward for eating home made pizza (probably a bit too much wheat for me and my tummy). The only calming thing about this was, I yet have come across another pregnancy symptom.

But I am feeling much better now. My digestions is still completely off the rails but that’s pregnancy ey?  😉


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