I still haven’t learned to be patient. The scan is on Tuesday and I am slowly crumbling, I want to see that heartbeat to bad! I hope everything is well.

Apart from the constant tiredness, I’m feeling really well. The colitis has calmed down. The shortness of breath is getting better, I can talk non-stop again 😉  My sleeping patterns have changed, waking up at least once at night and then I wake up in the morning with my head full of thoughts about work. It’s getting busier again I guess.

What else, I rediscovered Marmite and LOVE it. 🙂 I am slowly getting used to the nagging all time hunger in during the day. Small bites are the answer. I’ve got crackers and nuts with me, whereever I go.

But the best bit is the fact that I can actually feel the tiny little bump in my lower belly. It’s very reassuring. So fingers crossed for next week.


One thought on “Patience

  1. Best of luck! I know what you mean on the waiting part, it is so hard….I made my first OB appointment a week ago for today and it has been the longest wait. So glad it is finally here.

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