Cravings – Relearning to eat

Yesterday was fun, well kind of. We were in town with a friend, walked across this amazing food market and I found my lunch. The yummiest smoked polish saussage-sauerkraut stew and potatoes. Although I dutifully shared with the husband, I was all over it and paid for it a few hours later. 2 hours of bathroom sessions, thank you colitis.

How can I be so stupid, sauerkraut is one of the main triggers and I completely forgot. I am craving so many sour things that I should eat. My pregnancy wants all the things that are bad for my colitis. Apart from sugar. I had 3 bites of a cookie. So I guess I have to start another session of relearning to eat to stay well, this time not only for the colitis but obviously for the baby too.


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