Nervous tummy

6 weeks and 4 days, my baby is the size of a blueberry and I am getting nervous. Still 11 days to go until the scan.

Reality has finally kicked in, after 2 months of peace and quiet my ulcerative colitis has made an appearance again in the last weeks. I can’t deny that I am having a mini flare. Wonderful prospect. I am stabilising things as good as I can with the usual medication top up and hope it’s not getting worse than that. It’s so frustrating to have this extra worry now, I haven’t even mentioned my colitis on the blog until now, as it wasn’t really necessary, but here we are.

It’s an  annoying and frustrating sucker of a chronic disease, an inflammation of the bowel that I’ve been struggling with for the last 12 years. Never quite left my side. I can cope with the symptoms, was it not for the fact that I can’t feel my pregnancy tummy symptoms anymore, because the colitis is shadowing it. There is a whole bag of worries associated with the pregnancy and colitis that I am trying to ignore for now.

I’m also feeling ill with a sore throat and massive headaches, sage tea, mint oil and sleep are my friends at the moment. Luckily work is quite calm now but it’s going to pick up in the weeks to come and I need to be on form again soon.


2 thoughts on “Nervous tummy

  1. I understand you being worried about the upcoming scan. I am as well. I’ll be rooting for you. And I sympathize with being pregnant with UC. My sister has IBS and the first trimester was very uncomfortable and difficult for her. Praying you find some relief soon.

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