6 weeks pregnant

So today is week 6 and I am feeling good. Apparently the baby is a size of a little sweat pea now and already has a heartbeat. 2 more weeks and we can hopefully see that heartbeat on the scan. I can’t wait! I hope everything is well and I am feeling very positive. Failure is not an option at this point.

I’ve noticed some interesting changes in myself that are quite funny and do make sense in a way. I used to be very jumpy still a few years back and slowly learned to be calmer and not scream as soon as someone creeps up behind my back. Well I am afraid that has kind of reverted. I am so easily scared at the moment that I have to laugh about it myself really. I wonder if this kind of a protective instinct?

Motion and motion sickness is another thing that seems to happen more and more. Reading on the bus doesn’t work anymore, watching the Game of Thrones beginning on a big screen makes we want to vomit. Poor husband, I guess we have to skip the beginning for season 2 😉


4 thoughts on “6 weeks pregnant

  1. Isn’t it funny all the weird changes you experience that aren’t in the pregnancy books?! I’ve been gritting my teeth again and I don’t like watching anything with flashing lights. BTW- I’m excited for you as well.

  2. I noticed that same thing-the jumpiness-but it did go away. My heart would skip real fast and my stomach would dip as if I was frightened. And it’d happen at the weirdest moments. It lasted about 2 weeks I think.

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