Eating habits and headaches

I do love sweet things, chocolate, cake, biscuits – you get the idea. Not anymore, it’s quite funny actually. I dodge Nutella in the morning for salmon. Cheese, Smoked Salmon and dark rye bread are my best friends, who needs jam and toast anyway. And I munch a significant amount of fruit and veg. I hope it stays that way, I am so scared of gaining unnecessary pounds the baby doesn’t need. Although I haven’t gained weight yet, I sheepishly enjoy the fact that not all trousers fit anymore. It’s just not comfy on my tummy, so something is growing 🙂 This will be the summer of wearing dresses non stop, let’s hope the British weather allows such luxury.

I still have daily 30 minutes afternoon naps, lulled in with my IVF meditation. It’s a little timeout that I really need at the moment. Especially because my headache seem to increase on a daily basis. I had a wonderful shiatsu massage today that helped for a few hours. But all in all, I feel good. I actually get some work done without worrying 24/7. It’s almost back to normal, apart from the fact that I am pregnant. Ha, sorry, I still enjoy saying it. 😉


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