Embryo, Fetus, Baby – what are you?

The last few weeks have certainly been a strange process of bonding with something that is  a lump of cells. We’ve seen a white dot on the ultrasound when they transferred both embryos and knowing that they were potentially growing inside of my is a strange feeling. Now that we have a positive pregnancy test, I wonder if they are still embryos. According to Wikipedia it’s still called embryo “until about 8 weeks after fertilization”, but in my head it changed to a baby right away. It seems so much more defined, just because there is a more realistic change of a baby after 9 months. My baby is the size of a orange seed at the moment (4 weeks, 6 days).

It is also a tiny bit sad to acknowledge that only 1 embryo made it this far. I am so glad we implanted 2 now and can’t imagine what would have happened if we went with our initial choice of 1 embryo. So follow your gut instinct on this!


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