We’re having a baby

Oh dear, I just realised that my last post from Thursday evening got lost. Apologies for that. If you haven’t heard the news yet: I am pregnant!

The beta of my blood test on Thursday was at 297 (at 17 days past ovulation/retrieval), which is a very solid value. Looking at beta charts for singletons and multiples, I am fairly confident that it’s one baby. But of course you can’t be sure. We’ll see. Unfortunately my clinic dosn’t do a second blood test like bost clinics to. The hCG value is expected to double in two days and therefore one has a better indicator how things are going, but I am not worried as the first result was very good.

So now, we’re waiting until our scan in 4 weeks time. And we are adjusting to the thought that this might actually work. The next few weeks are still risky and we know that, but at the moment I just allow myself to be happy and revel in the experience of my first ever pregnancy at the age of 32.


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