The waiting game

So, we’re waiting. Things don’t seem to change, I’ve aquired the skill of patience along the way (well almost). I am glad I have my body feeling back for at least a while. The abdominal pain and swelling from my poor ovaries has subsided entirely, which is a wonderful feeling. The bloating isn’t too bad either anymore. 

We are still quite optimistic, but the longer time drags on, the more negative trains of thoughts join that massive train station in my head. There are moments self doubt, have I done everything right, but it is out of my hands. The 2 embryos in my tummy should implant properly in the coming days if they’ve not already done so. I am really curious about next week.

We decided to test at home in a weeks time. Testing sooner than that might result in false positives from the hormone medications, especially the trigger shot. So we’ll wait until day 12 and do a home pregnancy test. That is definitely better than finding out via a phone call when I am alone at home. So 7 days to go until the test at home, 9 days until the blood test. Stay tuned.



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