Embryo news – finally

What a relief! We just had an unecpected call from the embryologist with an update on our remaining embryos. There weren’t at the blastocyst stage yesterday, on day 5, so they waited another day (6 days is the maximum allowed time here in the UK before they have to be frozen). We have 3 blastocysts, all good to average grading, so they aren’t perfect but 60% of the 3 might survive the freezing & thawing process. The 3 will be frozen together, for one more possible frozen cycle.

We are really happy about that, it gives us the chance for a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), that is still funded by the NHS if we don’t have a life birth with this try. So even if this first attempt fails, we have something left to continue our baby quest! YAY!

BUT WTF, why did no one call us yesterday? Our talk at the breakfast table was, what do we do if this one fails and crap, because we assumed we didn’t have any to freeze now. It would have been 30sec on the phone for an update yesterday, why make us suffer like that! Slightly bit angry with the hospital about that.


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