Eggstatic – 10 Embryos

Oh my god, I can’t explain how relieved and ecstatic I am. I just had the call from our embryologist. 10 of the 16 follicles were good enough for fertilisation with ICSI and all 10 made it till the next day. We currently have 10 embryos!!!

So yesterday the husbands liquid gold was prepared for the procedure, they wash the sperm, spin it and select the strongest and healthiest sperm. Here a link to various options of what they do to sperm. Anyway, they injected one sperm into each of my eggs (this is called ICSI) and the magic begins.

I cried so hard after the call, actually I already started while the embryologist was still on the line. It feels like this massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know, there is still a lot that has to happen before I can become and stay pregnant, but this is the furthest we got. Until now, we didn’t even know if they’d fertilise. I feel like I need a drink, obviously that’s out of the question!

Transfer is scheduled for Thursday morning for a 3 day transfer, they might move it back to Saturday for a 5 day transfer, that depends on the state of the embryos on Thursday – we’ll see.


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