Egg retrieval and liquid gold

Waiting room

We had our egg retrieval today. I am resting at home now, the lovely husband is taking good care of me. First things first for the impatient ones: 16 eggs were collected, we’ll find out tomorrow how many of those have fertilised successfully.

Let me tell you how the day went:
Power team
Wonder woman
We got up about 6am this morning, I had my last sip of water as I wasn’t allowed to drink anything after 6 until after the procedure. We had some giggles putting our superhero socks on. This was inspired by Chris and Candace from another wonderful blog called Our Misconception. I am glad we did it, and just for the giggle, it took the seriousness and potential doom out of the situation.

The waiting room at our hospital

We took a cab to the hospital, it had snowed overnight and everything looked quite serene with the white dust. The waiting area at the hospital was immaculate, we hadn’t seen that area yet as we went to the day care unit for the procedure. I was quite nervous then, the meditation helped a bit. We were called in with 6 other couples, were assigned our areas and asked to change into sexy hospital gowns, caps and not to mention the hospital underwear. They were organised military style and everyone had their prep with questions, blood pressure and temperature checks within the next 40 min. I confirmed my name and DOB about 10 times.

Getting ready

Then we said our goodbyes to partners and waited in a TV room to be called one after the other. The husband was given a time slot when to produce the liquid gold. I was on the hospital bed by 9.45am got a light sedative first and a strong one once whisked into the OR. I can only remember that I counted 9 people in the room before I got an oxygen mask, closed my eyes and started to breathe. I woke up about 25 min later. I have to say, I was a bit emotional afterwards, mainly because I again realised how far we’ve come and what this procedure means. My husband had a similar experience when he saw some babies and children while waiting in the hospital. This feels so important and you only realise the weight on your shoulders afterwards. Recovery was fairly quick thanks to tea and sandwich provided. I took a paracetamol just in case but had also been given some pain meds before waking up.
A chair no one wants to sit on in the procurement room
Procurement room
Magazines in the procurement room
At the same time the husband reported for duty at the fertility unit. I am glad he took the camera to document the procurement room, always wanted to see one. Until now all samples he had provided were produced at hospital toilets and I am glad that wasn’t the case this time. The room had a chair, TV and a drawer full of raunchy magazines. Once the husband was finished, the sample went into a little cupboard in the wall and was locked.

All in all it was quite a pleasant experience and not as bad as I feared. We had a hot chocolate at the cafe before we left the hospital and saw a family with their 3-year-old and a big sister shirt on, suddenly mum and newborn baby joins them. A gut wrenching and beautiful moment at the same time. Left the hospital with tears in my eyes, hoping we might soon be in their shoes.

Tomorrow morning will be the moment of truth. I am atheist but I feel like wanting to pray for a good outcome. I hope science and our embryos won’t fail us…….

Got a terrible headache now and will try to have a nap.


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