Trigger shot


So we did it! Yesterday evening was an exciting moment, we injected the trigger shot.


The medication is called Ovitrelle and comes in a very easy to use pre-filled pen. All you do is screw a fresh needle on, set the dose (250ml), inject and press the button. That’s the easy part. Ovitrelle is yet another hormone in the group of gonadotrophins and will ensure the follicles mature before they are collected.

It was quite an emotional event, I laughed and cried at the same time. I was happy that we actually have a chance of making this work next week, relieved for the injections to be over for a while, worried of what this hormone would do to me now and slightly scared of the fact that this little thing triggers the ovulation of all those 16 follicles in 35 hours time.

I am feeling quite optimistic and apprehensive today. Feeling the hot potatoes (read: my ovaries) grumbling and I’m quite bloated too. Movements are slightly uncomfortable, sitting down is not very nice but, it’s all manageable.

Now we’re hoping for the best for tomorrow. Wish us luck and stay tuned. I’m sure the first update follows tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for all your support.


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