Last scan and the pressure to succeed

Monday is the day of our egg collection. Yay, I can’t quite believe it yet. A year ago we knew IVF was our only realistic chance to become pregnant and hopefully have a baby.

It’s been a long year. In hindsight it’s not a bad thing we had to wait, it helped me to mentally prepare for what is happening to my body now.

The scan itself was a bit daunting, although our issue is MFI (male factor infertility) I really felt the pressure today. As the doc was measuring all my follicles my heart was literally sinking a few times when some only measured 10mm still. I already prepared myself for a later collection on Wednesday. But we seem to have a few good ones too, some are 18mm, some 17, 16 and 15 and a few around 12. I empathise with women that struggle to even get that far, it must be so daunting.

The Dr actually explained things this time, she is expecting a few more follicles to grow past the 16mm hurdle to be good enough for collection. We have 2 days of injections left and we are doing the trigger shot on Saturday evening.

So on Monday they will collect everything larger than 16mm. Not sure what is happening to the smaller ones. 18-20mm is the preferred size, follicles larger than that are considered too mature. Hopefully we get about 6 good eggs out of this.

Exciting ey? Stay tuned. 🙂


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