I am feeling much better today tummy wise. I wonder if this is due to the slightly lower dose of the Gonal-F, no idea. I seem to be getting a cold and sore throat now, but I just decided to lay it low, have an afternoon nap and hopefully it’ll go away. Also, I do have another shiatsu session today that I am very much looking forward to.

I have no idea how other people manage to work a full time job during IVF. I am glad I can take the time I need, even though the business might suffer from it slightly. It’s all about getting the balance right. In the end, we really want a little baby, so that’s all worth it.

Interestingly I almost forgot why we are all doing this, it’s is so strange and so detached from the natural way (read just having sex like fertile people) that I sometimes lose sight of why we are doing this. We have a lot of great friends and I receive great motivational email & calls from everyone to keep us going. Thank you! The very best reminder happened on the weekend. We met with very close friends, 2 fantastic women that are my substitute mums and have been through IVF as well. They had twins, 2 lovely boys a few months ago which are absolutely adorable. It’s nice to be reminded. 😉


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