16 follies & 10 minutes is all you get

Today was another exciting day on our IVF journey, we had a first scan to see if the Gonal-F is doing the job. We are on day 7 of the injections and I can definitely feel it working, I can tell you that. I’ve been prone to ovulation pain in the last few years anyway. Since Sunday I feel both my ovaries constantly, my back is aching as well. I definitely have all the normal signs of a very fertile me at the moment, but it is getting slightly uncomfortable now. I wish I had maternity pants, because my belly is fairly bloated and sensitive already and I don’t quite know how I am supposed to manage another week of this.

Enough whingeing, the doctor counted approx. 16 follicles measuring between 10 and 13 mm. Although the doctors and nurses are currently not indicating if this is good or bad, I personally think it is a perfectly normal, maybe even a good result. 16 is a satisfying number, even if only half of those are viable eggs and half of those fertilize and grow successfully we’d still have about 4 embryos – and this is just a wild guess.

At the moment, the aim is to get quite a few of those follies to grow to 18 mm – 20 mm in size. Once they are big enough we can proceed with the egg collection. I also had a blood test today to check my estrogen levels. We are to continue with the Gonal-F at a lower dose (150mg) until the next scan on Friday.

On a side note, we had another encounter with the “evil” lady doctor from last time. She was much friendlier this time round and another one of the specialists was sitting in. Still we had the same feeling of being shoved in and out of the examination room. This time we asked the nurse and she told us they have 10min slots for each of those scans. 10 minutes! I think that is simply not enough, medically they are racing through the subjects, the emotional side is not considered at all. I wish I wasn’t as emotional about the whole thing, but especially doing this the first time round – we have so many questions.

They only ever answer things about the next thing ahead. I understand why they are doing it this way, but personally, I am an educated woman. I’d like to discuss the results, understand the procedures in detail early on and feel like I am being a part of the whole process. Instead they are taking any kind of control away from you and whisk you through the system. It is a bit sad really, but there is not much we can do about it really. I am learning to adjust the way they are working, but in all honesty, I’d love to change it.


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