Perception changes on song lyrics

I love music and I love song lyrics. Things have changed over the years and I only discovered this quite recently. I don’t know if you had this too as a teenager, but I was constantly listening to lyrics and projected my life into the meaning of the singers wise (hopefully) words.

Most songs are about love. Searching for love, finding love, losing the love of your life, some are about pain, hope, happiness, you name it. As a young woman I was constantly on the search of the ideal partner and song lyrics definitely supported my endeavours, failures and successes.

I found the love of my life over 11 years ago and we’ve been happily married for not quite 3 years now. Then we started searching together, for a new love, the perfect combination of the two of us, a hopefully happy, bubbly and healthy child (even if it turns out to be a spoilt brat). Now the meanings of songs take a new form & shape. I am projecting any kind of love song on to our non-existent baby & the craving for it.

Here some examples:

Here is another one, but I think this is more directly about a baby than love itself. This one hits home most, but is just so beautiful – it needs to be shared.

On other news, nothing much has changed. The Gonal-F injections are a breeze compared to the Suprecur, partly because the needle is much thinner. Hot flashes continue, I am breaking into a sweat in no time without moving an inch and then it’s gone again. It’s quite hilarious actually, were it not that I am out in public every so often. 😉


2 thoughts on “Perception changes on song lyrics

  1. I can completely relate to this post. I am much like you, injecting myself into songs and looking for songs that speak to my current state of mind. I’ve even been moved to react or feel a certain way due to the power of a song. Thank you for sharing these songs and good luck!

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