Friends & feedback

Just a little shout out to all the people supporting us. Thank you for reading, listening, thinking about us or even praying for us. I am glad I started this blog, because it is easier to express myself without having to justify everything. Also people can read my blog if they want to, I am not forcing anyone. It is interesting how different everyone is dealing or not dealing with it and with our situation though.

The feedback I’ve got so far is encouraging and it seems some of you understand the intensity and journey much better. A few talk to me about it, some ask questions, some are mortified and some just don’t say anything. I just wish people weren’t scared to ask. I guess my main audience are all my lovely fertile friends, some have been through losses, some have children, some are not even considering tiny feet yet. It’s good to have you.

Interestingly, the video about birds and bees I posted recently, had a few reactions. One of my friends told me she actually found it mortifying and was wondering if I don’t like her anymore because “I hate her uterus”. Of course I still like her and her kids!, but it is interesting how a fertile couple probably feels about this video in comparison to us.

Can you relate? I definitely can, we are those 2 sitting on the sofa while everyone else is popping babies, changing nappies and can never quite catch up on the sleep. So here is a poll for you, you can tick max. 2 boxes.


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