Have you ever had a shiatsu massage? I can highly recommend it. I used to have fairly regular sessions with my favourite japanese shiatsu lady while I was still working full time. I took a year off the luxury when I started my own business, due to a more limited cash flow.

Luckily my lovely family organised one shiatsu session as a present for Christmas. I went to see her about 2 weeks ago and it was lovely. Yesterday I had another 60min session of bliss, relaxation, tender meridians and did I mention relaxation? She managed to give me a break from the headaches, unfortunately they reappeared a few hours later. But still, it felt realy good!

At the moment those are the moments to look forward too. I dare not to think too much about the, “what if we become pregnant” question just yet. It is too easy to get carried away.

I also discovered I am still kind of scared about the egg collection procedure. I still have no clue if I will be fully sedated or not. Another question to ask next monday. It is so strange to connect all those negative/ uncomfortable experience with a pregnancy….

A lot of people have accupuncture during IVF, I personally haven’t found the right person for me and it is a bit too holisitc for my taste. I am a geek and a bit of a science person, people talking about energy flow too much make me cringe.


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