Go ahead for stimulation phase

Well today was good and bad. We had blood tests & scan to confirm that my baby machine is in deep sleep after 3 weeks of down regulating drugs. It’s about time, I could have told them without the scan really but it’s nice to know I understand my body. Those were good news, however the Lady Dr. was not was I expected. I never saw her before, I felt totally rushed, barely understood her when she asked to sign yet another consent form (a yes to blood transfusions and that they are allowed to fix me up if something goes wrong during egg collection procedure).

I understand that there are a lot of patients to be treated, it is an NHS hospital after all. But this is one of the most important decisions of our lives. I need to understand what I am signing up for, how the egg collection and transfer work and what risks are involved. She knew this was our first cycle but I was treated like I should know all of this. I was an emotional mess beforehand, a blubbering mess after that appointment. The final straw was a comment with a point towards my belly that I could lose some weight as it would benefit the treatment. Fine, sure, tell me that 2 weeks before the effing egg collection, what am I supposed to do with that information?

Luckily we saw our perfect nurse Lauren afterwards and she had time for us, explained everything in detail again, showed us how to work the injection pen and reassured us. At least she is a constant, friendly face that we’ve seen before. So what did we take away from this appointment?

  • Down-regulation has worked. Ovaries are asleep, uterine lining is thin as expected.
  • We continue with the Suprecur 0.5 mg injection until Sunday.
  • On Monday we start with the Gonal-F injection pen 225ml for at least a week.
  • Alongside we take the Suprecur injection at 0.3mg.
  • Next scan is on February the 4th to see how stimulation goes.
  • Egg collection will happen in the next 2 weeks.
  • Sensitivity is a skill to be learned by some doctors
  • I see nothing on ultrasound scans

After this unsettling morning I went met up with a friend and spend most of the day with him walking along the canal and talking. I really needed that break and the change of scenery and feel better now. IVF is certainly not a piece of cake…


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