What to expect, when you are IVFing?

Well, expect nothing, be prepared for everything I’d say. When the possibility of IVF was mentioned to us a year ago, I completely freaked out. In my head IVF was the last resort, we probably never have to go through. Yet here we are a year later, happily kicking of our first IVF cycle. It’s fascinating how perception changes through experience, knowledge, worries and a lot of what ifs.

Now we know that IVF with ICSI is probably our best shot at becoming parents to a biological child. So we are giving it a go, hoping for the best.

IVF is scary, but mostly because it’s such a foreign thing no one has a clue about. And with no one, I mean the fertile world. I can’t even tell you how many times we got the “won’t you end up with twins” question. Fair enough, we didn’t know any better a while ago (I shall answer the question in a later blog entry).

This is where the internet is immensly helpful. I’ve got people all over the globe that I can talk to about my IVF questions and worries. It really helped me understand the process and prepare for the emotional rollercoaster.  There are also so many brilliant blogs out there, thousands of people like us that share their story, which is important for a better understanding of what it means to go through IVF. NEVER JUDGE!

I am glad to have some real life people as well, that have been through IVF and that is of course even better.

So, you do what you have to do. I know we get through this, there might be some shitty days at some point but hey. I’ve got a long list of movies to watch if I don’t feel like moving 😉


2 thoughts on “What to expect, when you are IVFing?

  1. Love the post. 🙂
    My favorite is “why don’t you adopt or get a surrogate?”. Um, I’m pretty sure my uterus works thanks. I try not to take those q’s personal because like you said, people are just unaware of the process. How was it doing your injections at the theater? You are so brave!

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