What’s in the bag?


So we’re going out tonight. Meeting friends for dinner & a movie. Not any movie, but the Hobbit (for the geeks: in HFR – High frame rate). It’s a looong movie, which makes things slightly complicated because of the nightly injection.

The journey home takes a while on public transport, so injection at the cinema’s toilet is in order. FUN.

I have this cute little pouch for the meds and needles though. So in the bag it goes with keys, wallet, water & nibbles. Oh, did I mention that I have to inject myself, as in my hands doing the actual job due to the toilet situation. Not looking forward to that part. Wish me luck. πŸ˜‰

Update:The movie was long indeed, good but not top of the list either. I was lucky with the injection though. Hubby and I sneaked into a disabled toilet, yanked the needle in and left again without getting into trouble. I felt like a junkie.


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