I have started this blog well over 2 years into our journey of trying to become parents.  I wanted to share my experience and document the tremendous amount of pain, anger, frustration, tears, discussions, worries, what ifs and whys.

My blog is named after this song:

I remember very vivdly the moment when I saw a video of Michael Buble singing this song to a heavily pregnant woman’s belly. It was lovely, such a wonderful gesture. It made me cry, like so many things do. I had no idea how long it would take us to get pregnant which makes this song kind of bittersweet to me. I am looking forward to meeting our baby one day. Thanks for reading.

After waiting for almost a year, we had our NHS funded IVF in January/February 2013 .Here the posts about our IVF  Retrieval and Transfer.

The waiting game was the worst and finally we had our beta blood test and a first scan.

Update: We’ve been really lucky and are currently pregnant with one baby after transferring 2 embryos on Valentines Day 2013. I have changed the blog to start with this page as I want to protect infertile people and the ones that are struggling to conceive. I don’t want to force you to look at scans and belly pictures. 

Feel free to continue at your own risk by selecting recent posts on the sidebar.


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